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PHP is the language most of the web is developed on, and it requires updates to stay secure. Just like an iphone update your website needs to be updated for security and speed. In fact, with the PHP 7.2 update your site(s) will load PHP code 3 times faster! And at the same time PHP 7.2 is a lot more secure and is becoming the only supported type of PHP at the end of this year.

Follow these simple steps to update your wordpress website to PHP 7.2

1. Make sure your site is backed up- It’s really important that your site is backed up and easily restorable, just in case anything goes wrong. You can find a list of back up tools on our resources page (very bottom)

Wp Admin

2. Update your website- For the update to PHP 7.2, your site has to be ready. The easiest way to make sure this is the case is by updating your core files, plugins, and theme files.


    a. Once logged in, Update the WordPress Core

After the update is complete, make sure your site is loading correctly on the front end and nothing appears wrong or broken on the front end.

If is not loading, restore your backup and start over by updating your theme and plugins (step B and C) FIRST

    b. Update Plugins

This is best to do one by one, checking your site on the front end after each update to make sure the site is functioning and the plugins are working as expected.
Please note: some plugins require the theme update before the plugin will update. For these plugins, move to step C, and then come back to update those plugins.

    c. Update Theme Files

If you have updates to run on your themes—great! Run those updated, then check to make sure your website is loading correctly and nothing appears wrong or broken on the front end.

If you don’t have any theme updates to run, you should double check that you have the latest version of your theme by comparing your theme’s version to the latest version listed on the theme developer’s website.

Please note: Some themes will require a manual update here is a guide to use an example if need or an annual purchase in order to receive updates. If your theme requires a purchase, make sure the theme is compatible with PHP 7.2 so you’re not wasting money on an out of date product.

3.Update your site

Now that your site’s core file, plugins, and theme files are up to date (and compatible with PHP 7.2) you can now update your server to PHP 7.2.

PHP Configuration Screen



  1. Login to your websites Cpanel
  2. Scroll down to software
  3. Click PHP Configuration
  4. Select PHP 7.2 (NOT 7.3) and click update
  5. Grab a snack and wait 10 minutes, then refresh your website



You have now (hopefully) upgraded your site, run through it and make sure everything is functioning correctly. Now that your site is on php 7.2, your site can load faster and more securely!

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