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Ensuring that your WordPress site is free of digital threats and security compromises is our specialty. By choosing to safely monitor your site with our services, your customers will also be protected from information hackers and systems designed to hack your website.


Every day, over 300,000 websites are hacked with malware and nefarious bots.

Many of these attacks go unnoticed because they are silent, or only experienced by your website visitors (such as when your website is redirected to an exploit to infect the visitor’s operating system). You could start receiving alerts that your website was compromised. This can leave you wondering why your website is not performing the way that it used to. There are a few targeted tactics to fix a hacked WordPress website, remove malware and viruses from your website, and get back on track without the headache. 

WordPress Security

We Guarantee to Keep Your Site Safe

We offer WordPress malware removal that is specially designed to remove the infectious bots and hackers, while preserving your website data. Many WordPress site repair tools remove the malware, while also removing all of your hard work and website information.  

Additionally, we monitor your site to make sure that no other hackers gain access to your information. That includes improving website security, monitoring the site, and helping you deal with any issues that resulted from having your site hacked. Our servers are updated and designed to withstand all attacks aimed at your website. The WP Support Denver team goes above and beyond for every client, including a guarantee of safety for life.

Ready to be free from worry and protect your website? Our team at WP Support Denver is excited to work with you! Contact us with your questions, concerns, and how to get set up today.

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