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Page speed is a powerful ally in your toolbox for website success.
Search engine optimization, key words, search results, conversion, and page views are all a part of this toolbox to drive customer acquisition and brand awareness.

What is page speed and why does it matter?

More recently, it was found that the time in which it takes for your website to load will affect how these tools all work together. This is called page speed. If your SEO and page views are stellar, but your website loads slowly, all of your hard work to be noticed will decrease. 

If your website’s first impression has a flawless, speedy user experience, the visitor is more likely to view your business more positively. The longer it takes a consumer to browse your website, the more likely they will leave and lower their interest. This, in turn, lowers your revenue and customer retention overall.

In addition, your SEO rankings on Google will decrease if your WordPress loads slowly. This is vital for your website’s reputation and discoverability.

Attention span and expectations have changed dramatically even in the last five years. Choosing to invest in your page speed will improve every aspect of your user experience and marketing strategies.

To boost your visibility, and allow visitors to enjoy their time on your website, improving your page speed is the simplest and most effective strategy to implement.

WordPress Page Speed Optimization

How to increase page speed

Depending on where your website is hosted, the page speed will differ. Servers dedicated to providing quick load times will create a faster page speed. 

WP Support Denver has a unique and thoughtful strategy for every client we work with, ensuring that your WordPress site will load rapidly, and page speed will never be an issue you face while you work with us.

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