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WordPress Malware Removal

If you own a WordPress website that’s been hacked,
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Malware is a common issue that many WordPress site owners face. Those who have dealt with it know how frustrating it can be to resolve. When your website visitors encounter harmful viruses and hacks, it can drive them away from your website (and much worse, deal with the new found computer issues they received). 

What is malware?

Short for malicious software, malware is a code that takes control of your WordPress site. It becomes a hacked website, leaving it open for every visitor on your site to be redirected or led to a harmful site instead.

Unfortunately, these three forms of malware are unavoidable and are the result of a WordPress site that’s been hacked. Ignoring these nefarious threats will not only create openings for more malware to come in, but it will decrease trust in your business. Clients, and visitors, want to feel welcomed and safe online. By removing the possibility of a virtual attack on your customer’s computers, they can shop and browse confidently every time they visit.

  • SPAM Links, as the name suggests, involve hackers injecting spammy links into a site’s content or code, facilitating malicious activities.

  • Phishing Attacks, lure users via fake emails, messages, or sites, duping them into disclosing sensitive data like logins or financial info.


  • WordPress Core Vulnerabilities Using outdated WordPress versions and PHP scripts increases the vulnerability of your site, making it easier for attackers to exploit.

  • Brute-force attacks seek unauthorized entry to WordPress sites by trying various username/password combos until the right one is found.

  • SQL injection attacks puts code into the form fields and upon submit manipulates the database, potentially leading to unauthorized access, data theft, or even deletion of critical information.

  • Plugin and Theme Vulnerabilities Using outdated plugins and themes are a frequent entry point of WordPress attacks and creates security weaknesses and exploits.

Is Google listing your website as ‘hacked’ in search results?

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