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The internet is an expansive space for all users to explore, connect and learn about the world around them. The ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, was first instituted in 1990 as a response to support people with limited abilities. The WAI, Web Accessibility Initiative, followed suit to further introduce practices for websites to use accessible language, navigation, and design. 

The act has changed over the years, with minor adjustments to meet modern day web users and site design. However, the internet is included under ADA Title III – “Title III prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in the activities of places of public accommodations.” This is a strict liability law that is best followed in every aspect of your website to avoid violating the ADA.

Staying updated and ensuring your pages are ADA compliant will create a welcome space for anyone who visits your website. All elements of a website must comply, including text, photos, videos, and navigational tools. For example, all photos on a website must include alt-text to caption and describe what is in the photo. For videos, captions and transcripts must be available to viewers. This allows users with limited sight to gain an understanding of what is on your page, and allow them to explore with the same information another visitor would have.

ADA Accessible Website Services
Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

ADA site compliance is organized into a 3 level system:

  • Level A / Basic

    The basic level simply prohibits elements that would make the website inaccessible, but are often exceedingly difficult for people with disabilities to use.

  • Level AA / Intermediate

    The intermediate level is the ideal level to reach, as it is designated as reasonably accessible to the general public. This includes readily available captions, texts, plug ins, and design strategies to fulfill the requirements for ADA compliance on WordPress.

  • Level AAA / Advanced

    The advanced level is rich with resources for every internet user, providing a detailed and accurate representation of your website and content for every person who interacts with your pages.

Finding the right balance can be daunting for anyone, but our team of experts is here to help.  It’s time to optimize your WordPress website for ADA compliance, and bring more visitors to your home page. WP Support Denver is here to help, and make your ADA and WGCA compliance a breeze. Our team targets the most effective accessibility options available to you (and we’re updating our offerings for clients every day). 

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